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About Herun Ceramics CHA

Creating Ceramic Solutions Since 2005

Herun Ceramics CHA  has internationally recognized expertise in custom technical ceramic component solutions. We offer a broad range of high-performance ceramic materials and precision machining services to rapidly produce custom components. Since the formation of our parent company, Precision Ceramics, in 2005, we have gained a reputation for quality and customer service.

The Industries We Serve

Since the formation of our parent company in 2005, Precision Ceramics has gained a reputation for quality and service with specialist advanced ceramic components. Our products can be found in an ever-widening array of applications in industries as diverse as aerospace, electronics, automotive, medical, and energy. Some of the industries we serve include:


Automotive & Transportation


Domestic & Household

Research Institutions



Nuclear Power

Offshore Oil & Gas Power Generation


Our In-House Capabilities

In both new applications and in areas where technical ceramics are already being used, Precision Ceramics has the necessary expertise and in-depth knowledge to quickly find the best way forward for any potential application from prototypes through to full-scale production of components. Once fully up and running, we can easily take the process one stage further by offering expert advice in the engineering of more demanding materials. Our in-house capabilities include:


  • CNC Machining of Machinable Ceramics
  • Die Pressing
  • Isostatic Pressing
  • Green Machining
  • Sintering
  • Surface Grinding
  • Cylindrical Grinding
  • CNC Grinding
  • Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP)
  • Small quick-turn prototype runs up to high volume production
  • Technical applications expertise

Ceramic Materials We Specialize In

Technical Ceramics have the ability to make products lighter, more efficient, longer lasting, reduce maintenance intervals, and reduce operating costs. They are frequently being used to replace metals, polymers, and refractory materials in a wide variety of applications due to their notable high temperature capability, hardness, and electrical properties. Precision Ceramics offers a wide range of advanced technical ceramic materials to ensure that we have the right material for your application.

For more information and help on ceramic materials, you can read more about technical ceramics, check out our Technical Ceramics Comparison Guide, or contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

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